Meter, Mix Dispense Equipment

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Standard Features

  • Simple Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Refilling Reservoirs
  • Hand-Free Operation
  • Clean Reproducible Results
  • Mode Control Shot or Bead
  • Precise Ratio
  • Shot Control Adjustment

The GP-80 is a bench-top, adjustable ratio, meter, mix system for dispensing pourable, 2-part materials. The system has been developed for dispensing applications such as potting, bonding, encapsulating, molding, cartridge filling and other projects where 2-part materials are used.

The GP80 has a simple design based upon two gear meters and a snuff-back dispense head. A minimum of wetted components makes it ideal for quick cleanup and material change. Few moving parts result is less maintenance and wear.

The system also features a variable speed motor for flow rate control, digital shot timer for accurate, and repeatable shot control, and manual mode for foot pedal operation.

The system is available as a simple proportioning system, a manual mix/dispense head, or with the no-purge, snuff-back, mix/dispense head. Contact us for selection assistance.

GP80 for processing high purity urethanes

This system is designed specifically to process very high purity urethanes that have high sensitivity to temperature and moisture. The GP80 Urethane Process System makes use of multiple independent heating zones for thermal management. Thermocouple sensing and proportional control provide ideal thermal management and elminates cold spots.

Vacuum tanks are standard with varying vacuum pump options available.




  • Potting & encapsulation
  • Bonding
  • Filter end-cap molding
  • Doming & clear coating
  • Syringe & dual cartridge filling

GP80 Meter Mix System

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