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1125 Variable Ratio Dispense System

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For small-shot potting and encapsulating, syringe filling, or R&D material testing. Designed to process a wide range of 2-part reactive resin formulations. Highly reliable, dependable meter, mix system.

Standard Features

  • Positive displacement, variable ratio, piston metering
  • Automatic, positive-ported flow directional valves
  • No-pump, snuff-back mix/dispense head (model NPH-5000)
  • Low-cost, disposable static mixer
  • Material feed by pump or tank
  • Shot size control by operator or timer


  • Heating of individual components or the entire system
  • Wide range of ASME-coded pressure/vacuum tanks with or without agitators
  • Low level sensors with audio/visual alarm
  • Pot-life timer with alarm and auto-shot
  • Hardened wetted parts for abrasive applications
  • Shot size control by encoder
  • Also available: 1125VR with IDS

System Specifications

  • Ratio range: 1:1 - 8:1 (material dependent)
  • Ratio Accuracy: ±1% by volume
  • Viscosity Range: up to 100,000 cps (Viscous materials may require heat or pump feed)
  • Shot Size Range: 1/10 cc to 160 cc (depending on ratio)
  • Uses standard static mixers

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1125 VR Video

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  • Potting & encapsulation
  • Doming & clear coating
  • Syringe & dual cartridge filling

Standard Features

  • Simple Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Refilling Reservoirs
  • Hand-Free Operation
  • Clean Reproducible Results
  • Mode Control Shot or Bead
  • Precise Ratio
  • Shot Control Adjustment

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