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Vacuum Potting Equipment

Integrating a vacuum chamber with the Ashby Cross meter, mix system provides an excellent method to encapsulate or pot electronic circuits in a controlled atmosphere. Several steps are taken to ensure air-free potting compound.

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  • Material is degassed to as low as 3 Torr in the reservoirs. Heat may be added at this step to ensure wet out and complete de-airing.
  • Air free material enters the metering cylinders at which point the ratio is established.
  • Proportioned material is then mixed and dispensed into the part within a controlled atmosphere (vacuum) in the chamber. The vacuum level in the chamber may be as low as 3 to 5 Torr and can be varied as needed.
  • Multiple passes can be done within the chamber at different vacuum levels to ensure complete wet out.
  • The chamber may be manual or automatic as needed.
  • No-Purge static mixers dispense material directly into the chamber.

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  • Ballasts
  • Switches
  • Convertors
  • Sensors
  • Many other components

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