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Luer Lock Adapters

The Luer Lock adapter allows the user to customize the mixer for the application. Accessories such as whip hoses, needles, and tapered tip needles can be attached to provide a more accurate point of application and in the case of whip hoses flexibility at the dispense point.

The mixer may be ordered with the Luer Lock or they may be purchased separately. They self-tap onto the mixer tip with no modification needed.

Three Luer Lock sizes are available to fit most stepped-end mixer sizes.
Part Number Fits Mixer Size Color
LA 05-00 5mm or 3/16 mixer White
LA 06-00 6mm, 8mm, 1/4", 5/16" Grey
LA 10-00 10mm, 3/8" Black

Luer Locks customize mixer application, allowing needles and other adapters to be used. See Needles, Syringes, valve page.

Barb adapters allow the addition of whip hoses for added dispensing flexibility. Other custom mixer configurations are available. call us 978-463-0202

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