Adhesive Dispensing System


  • Capacity at 1:1 ratio is 175cc - full stroke.
  • Air required is 100 psi
  • Ratio capability is 1:1 to 6:1
  • Ratio change by changing the catalyst cylinder
  • Used with pourable silicone, urethane, epoxy
  • Bench mountable
  • Disposable static mixers

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The AC125 adhesive dispensing system is designed with high quality and low up front cost in mind. The system combines the same components used in other Ashby Cross systems along with manual operation.

As a standard, are two, one-gallon tanks that feed the proportioning cylinders where the ratio of the material is established. Once the metering cylinders are full, the system is ready to dispense. By opening the manual mix/dispense valve (or optional drip-free automatic dispense valve), adhesive flows through the static mixer. When empty, the system is recharged by moving the "dispense/recharge" switch to the recharge position. The cycle repeats.

The unit can also be configured with larger tanks and an automatic, drip-free mix/dispense valve. This is operated with a foot pedal.

The AC125 is ideal for potting and encapsulating or R&D work. Contact us for selection assistance.


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