Meter, Mix Dispense Equipment

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Needles, Syringes & Valves for Dispensing Equipment

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Superior quality components are designed to function with all industry standard equipment. Available is a range of syringes including silicone and chloride free, UV light blocking, and UV light screening. Manual and air powered systems are available.

General Valve Information

Rotary Micro Valve TS5000DMP
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The Rotary Valves use a rotary feed screw (auger) to dispense fluid in a positive displacement manner providing an extremely precise control of the dispense process.

Rotary Valve -Interchangeable Material Path TS7000
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The Interchangeable Material Path Rotary Valve uses a feed screw (auger) to dispense fluid with a rotary displacement (positive displacement) action, allowing very high precision in the dispensing process.


  • Precision dispensing
  • Manual dispensing
  • Air powered dispensing

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