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AC200 Dual Cartridge Dispenser

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The AC200 benchtop dispenser combines the simplicity and versatility of the dual barrel cartridge with bench mount support, pneumatic foot pedal, air logic, controls, and all the items needed to convert the cartridge to a benchtop potting and encapsulating system.

Standard Features

  • Converts standard dual cartridges to an automatic, hands-free dispenser
  • Reduces fatigue Increases productivity and quality
  • Complete with pneumatic plumbing, gauges, regulators, recharge switch and foot pedal
  • Heavy duty frame

Options Available

  • Digital shot timer for greater shot control accuracy
  • Air operated pinch valve with tips and pinch tubes - used to prevent thin materials from dripping from the mixer tip.
  • 50 ml version (AC 50)
  • 400 ml version (AC 400)
  • Linear encoder for exact shot duplication available for all dual cartridge systems

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  • Applications where urethane and epoxy need to be combined
  • Applications requiring two components dispense simultaneously

Standard Features

  • Simple Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Refilling Reservoirs
  • Hand-Free Operation
  • Clean Reproducible Results
  • Mode Control Shot or Bead
  • Precise Ratio
  • Shot Control Adjustment